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Chicago, Day 2
April 25, 2006, 3:55 am
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Did I mention that they talk like Mike Ditka and that skit from SNL a million years ago ('da bears)? In case I didn't, they do. Sadly, there is no Bears paraphenalia to purchase.

Go Habs Go! Yes, a night in Chicago – one of the U.S. metropolis centres renowned for its culinary offerings and I end up at friggin' ESPN zone to watch the friggin' habs/canes game. I thought, if nothing else, this would be a hockey-free five days, but apparently there were other plans for me. Turns out sociologist-Lori can still enjoy herself and observe the spectacle that is Americans watching their sports in such a setting, but sociologist-Lori still gets a bit more tubby in the meantime due to cheeseburgers and beer. Oh well.

The rest of the day was good… in fact, I like Chicago much more today. Went on a mad march at lunch today and stumbled upon millenium park (photos to be posted when I get home), which is super cool. Navy Pier was a bit of an overly desperate tourist attraction attempt and so was bound to disappoint, but the walk along the Lakeshore was very nice.

Count of people who found out that Ottawa existed today, thanks to us: 5.

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