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Hello Chicago!
April 24, 2006, 2:06 am
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I arrived in Chicago on Sunday for my five day stay. I hadn't flown to the US since 9/11 and wow, how things have changed. First of all, there's a whole 'secret' part of the Ottawa Airport that I never knew about. It's a magical place where they make you take off your shoes and rub you up and down your body to ensure you're not packing any heat.

Managed to take the train, or the "L" to Chicagoans, almost the entire way from the crazy busy airport (with a "kiss 'n fly" dropoff spot… so cute!) to the hotel. Upon emerging into Chicago from the subway tunnels into a somewhat desolate, rundown intersection of streets, I realized I had lost my map somewhere along the way and so I hailed a cab. I don't know how much in carbon emissions I saved the world, but I can say that the tax payer paid $10 for my transportation to the hotel, as opposed to $40+ full cab ride. I do what I can…

Arriving at my hotel, I was a bit disenchanted as it's not quite the location one would hope it would be. I settled in and off I went to the desk to ask the slightly friendly attendant (forgot about the standard reply to "thanks" of "yup"…. ARGH!) where I should go to wander. She directed me to the Magnificent Mile.

What's so magnificent about this mile, you may ask? Commercialism. Designer stores. You know, all the things that I'm all about. I managed to find one museum at the far end of it that is run by the Chicago Tribune and dedicated to concepts and discussions of freedom in America, but that was about the extent of culture that I was able to find.

I have to say though, the buildings here are really quite incredible. Really nice art deco, thanks to the excellent timing of the great fire, and very interesting modern design, all living together happily. Hear that NCC? We can have the best of both worlds. In fact, it makes cities interesting!

Did manage to find a super cool new & used bookstore on the way home that I wanted to stay in forever, but instead bought a couple of books ("have a nice day!" "yup"… ARGH!!). I have some more free time on Wednesday where I'm going to make my way to the Chicago Institute of Art, which is supposed to be amazing and is increasingly seeming to be the only thing in Chicago to do other than shopping, eating deep dish pizza (which I'm obviously totally going to try), and going to various sports venues. Just kidding (sort of), I've made a full itinerary for my free time based on a good tour book that I've just found in my hotel room.

Hmmm… I wonder if I can get some cod liver oil around here…

Meanwhile, for those wondering how Marco is doing in the Wild West (Calgary)… He decided to use his arrival day to rent a car and make his virgin trip to the Lake Louise/Banff park area. I received a message from his blackberry oozing with joy that simply stated "I'm five feet away from a mount goat." I'm assuming the exiliration was so overwhelming that the "ain" was simply too much to bear. I haven't heard from him since but am really hoping he didn't get eaten by a bear.


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I guess you could always go watch Oprah talk about herself…

Be safe and have fun darlin!

Comment by Yvonne

Oooo babe… I wish I had given you more direction on your way into town. The MCA (museum of Contemporary Art) not too far from your hotel and is fabulous, and if I am not mistaken it still has the Andy Warhol exhibit running. I definately suggest checking out the Art Institute first though. The Shed Aquarium, the Field Museum and the Planetarium (although all three are rather pricey but, very interesting none the less). Are lumped together in the South Loop.
I can’t wait to see you tonight for dinner!

Comment by Sarah

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