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Recommendation Day #3
April 21, 2006, 11:27 am
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Back on track… sweet. 

This recommendation is a bit delayed, but I've been saving it for the perfect occasion, which is apparently this week. A few months ago, we went out for a random Thursday night dinner with our friends Kaili and Lawrence (LB for short – initial thief) to celebrate … something. A combination of their recommendation, our laziness and Ottawa's gd Arctic wind tunnel brought us to the doorstep of Hot Peppers – a new-ish Thai restaurant within a block of both our homes (459 Somerset St. West). As the name implies, their schtick is spice. I, myself, do not generally dig el spicy foods, but I had a tad of adventure in me… and it was cold… and I was lazy.

When we arrived, we were initially told that they were too full to accomodate us until someone came along and whisked us upstairs to their wine bar and second floor restaurant area, which we enjoyed in seclusion all evening. We later found out that the person who showed us upstairs, and continued to provide us with amazing service all evening (like, until closing) was the owner and chef.

And the food… unreal. Unreal. Despite the fact that I don't like spicy foods, that I had fluids were pouring from all orifices and that I must have chugged about 17 litres of water, I just couldn't stop myself. The flavours were amazing – something I've never really found in spicy foods. Between the food and the service, I highly recommend this restaurant. I would also appreciate if you would invite me should you go. Goddess forbid I'm walking my a-hole dog by the joint as I see you march in there. You know what I'm sayin'?

If you're one of my Vancouver readers (besides my family, are there any?), my Dad would like everyone to know about this weekend's Ocean Cement Plant open house on Granville Island (his second favourite day of the year, after his bday). This is a sustainable cement factory that collects and recycles their ample supply of rainwater and makes use of leftover concrete by making rentable blocks for land that need pre-sagging (there's an engineer out there right now cringing at my terminology). My Dad, for one, is very excited and will be checking the preparations for the big day this evening, after his visit to the community centre (pub). Fingers crossed that photos will follow… right? 

On another note, I would like to send out a big, huge thank you to both Shane Spice and Jeremy Dolgin for generously contributing to my MS Walk in a week and a half. Shane will be rewarded with the gargantuan privilege of taking me out for lunch (i.e. escaping Tunney's Pasture for an hour), while Jeremy doesn't know about my blog so doesn't get anything. Considering what a good friend Jeremy has been to my brother over so many years, something tells me a reward is not what he's looking for. Then again, I should at least give him the option of taking me out for lunch. It's only fair, and I'm nothing if not fair.

Anyone else looking to drop some cash for a great cause, just look to the left, and drop away!


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