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Recommendation Day #2
April 13, 2006, 11:22 am
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In light of the fact that tomorrow is a stat holiday (thank Goddess), recommendation day has been moved to Thursday this week. Second one and I’m already off schedule… not a good sign at all…

This may be a bit to grrly for the manly-boys out there, but it’s partly because of you that I’m so thrilled about this recommendation. Some of you are already aware of my problems with hair stylists. Firstly, they make me cry by mangling mes cheveux. Secondly, I always feel totally out of place in high end salons – sort of like church – they sniff a phoney. Thirdly, they charge an arm and a leg and as many of you know, I’m a mega-cheapo when it comes to things like… hair, and I feel compelled to jump off a bridge rather than pay the $60-$80 standard hair style fee. This latter point is only compounded by discussions had between men, which I have been privy too – lucky me, comparing the costs of their hair cuts (fair enough, they’re not “styles”). Generally, the conversation goes as follows:

“Dude, I got my hair cut for $15 at (insert convenient location).”

“Why’d you pay so much? I get mine done for $10 at (insert even more convenient location).”

“Mine’s 8 bucks” – okay, their’s actually looks brutal, but then there’s always this next guy:

“I do mine at home!” – one can assume that there is a) no better, more convenient location and b) that it’s free, and c) probably with pizza and butter tarts.

So, in an effort to change my focus last week, I decided to take a “community-building approach” to getting my hair done, as the “beautifying approach” was not working. Luckily, I live in Centretown where the pickins’ are good for someone wanting to build community.

Nick, who owns Somerset Hair Studio at the corner of Bank and Somerset (enough said in terms of the “glam scale” I should think) won the draw, but it was I who left feeling like the winner!! He gave me a big, genuine smile, didn’t make me wait, dry cut after straightening my hair beautifully and quickly, didn’t make me cry with the result, and only charged me $26, which meant I had money leftover for more “community building” by way of butter tarts). His “studio” is full of so many other (super-affordable) surprises. Yesterday, for instance, I went to get my eyebrows waxed by Cindy who escorted me down into the musty basement and proceeded to give me the best, if not roughest and most incomprehensible (her English is a work in progress – can’t pronounce “x” which, when speaking of waxing, actually becomes an issue), eyebrow waxing. Plus, Nick gave me a great deal on the straightener that I’ve now decided I can’t live without. I’m going to be a regular for sure.

That is, if it doesn’t close down due to Bank/Somerset-itis!!!

Another post to come later today with the BEST forward of all time which should only be used one day per year, and thankfully, that day has arrived. Stay tuned…


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If only I had enough hair on my head that could justify providing an interesting comment on today’s recommendation. Can’t do it, but good on you for finding Nick. Now if only I could find hair……Enjoy your long weekend!

Comment by Ben

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