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Friday is officially “Recommendation Day”
April 7, 2006, 1:19 am
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So much to recommend, so little time.

Recommendation 1: Vancouver, B.C.

Go to Vancouver. Relax, walk the city, check out the buildings and impressive city planning, and have a starbucks every hour (I tried four different kinds while there!). If you can, and this may be tricky, stay with my Dad and step-mom. They have a perfectly located condo near Granville Island and a view at night of the ever growing Yaletown sky-line. In addition to that, Pops will take you on tours of anywhere you want to go in his big, comfy car (hope you like Sheryl Crow!) and entertain you with witty humour (runs in the family, check his site out – – and note the sound effects and motto… classic), while Elli (s-m extraordinaire) will cook you a meal you actually want to pay for because it's so dang good (excluding the insistence on oysters). And if that wasn't enough, and you know it is, they have friends who aren't all public servants, although they do know one… they thought he was retired. I think I only know two people who aren't and/or don't want to be public servants. Kelly's an architect (and the next apprentice) and my sister is an addictions counsellor (for public servants driven to drink because of their low morale?). But I digress… get yourself to Vancouver. Try not to fly standby.

               Blossoms in Vancouver…                              Vancouver.jpg 

Recommendation 2: Ten Thousand Villages

Amy, who works at Gymnastics Canada (another non-govie who would like you to know that gymnasts are not anorexics and in fact, are kickin' some serious bum internationally) and is graceful like a gazelle on the bball court (do gazelles have horns? Is that what she was trying to do with her bball hairdo?), would like everyone to know about the store Ten Thousand Villages in Westboro. She LOVES it… apparently a lot. I don't have a car and have been to Westboro all of thrice times but I trust her. I think she put it best: "Run by a group of volunteers – community centred – super duper" (super duper?!?) "textiles, vases, home décor items and a social conscience!! Oh yeah, and it's FAIR TRADE!!! How can you go wrong" (she would like to know)? I think I know how we can go wrong, Amy. We can ignore your suggestion.

Ten Thousand Villages site:

Ottawa store's (Richmond Road across from MEC) site:

In case you're wondering how much you can relate to a grrl who buys her home décor based on fair trade principles (come on, I know you were thinking it), ease up on the concern. Why? Because I would bet ten thousand villages, er, dollars, that her next recommendation would be for her favourite salon – York Street Spa. The grrl's got all sorts of style… and skillz. Thanks Amy!

Recommendation 3: Timbits

If everyone who walked into Tim Horton's requested the chocolate with white coconut timbits, they may actually be made available in more than one gd location (you wish I told you which location). So please, let's work together to make them a standard timbit, accessible to all. Sort of like justice. Yeah?

Finally, I would like to send a huge thank you out to Josh Bowie. Not only is he a handsome, smart and charming devil, but generous too! Who knew? Josh was the first person to sponsor me for my MSWalk and not a measly amount either! Thanks so much Josh… Here's the site again:


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Speaking of Friday recommendations. Rodney’s Oyster House on Hamilton in Yaletown, Fridays at 13:00. Any table downstairs, except 10, that’s ours!

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