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Deal… or NO DEAL!?
April 5, 2006, 3:14 pm
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But first, the sculpture pictured below is that of a whale skeleton and was made out of lawn chairs by Canada's "most important sculptor", Brian Jurgen. We saw his show at the Vancouver Art Gallery and he really has some incredible works, in our ignorami opinions. Check out the link below for more of his work – best known right now for his Aboriginal masks made out of Nike shoes.

So anyway, Vancouver was fantastic – weather turned out well, company was wonderful and the city continues to charm our socks off.

But then we had to leave and as I mentioned in an earlier entry, I fly standby. I'm very, very risk averse and panic easily when uncertainty or "grey clouds" start rolling in over my plans to go either to Vancouver, or back home. Yesterday's airport antics to get me on a flight were only compounded by Marco's "Deal or No Deal" hangover from the night before where he, and my step-mom, revealed themselves to be reckless risk-takers and thrill seekers, while my father and I are more rational and simple, albeit poorer.

So here's the set-up: There are two routes home to Ottawa. The ideal is a direct flight at 3:20 (which Marco is already on) and the runner-up is a non-direct (through Calgary) but leaving at 3:00. That's it – no flights after that… I miss these and it's overnight city for this camper. Puts one in a pickle. To add to the drama, both flights are full and I'm far from the only standby on the list. We're running back and forth between the two gates hoping that I'll get on the direct flight but the fact that the runner-up leaves first, led me to a serious decision time.

The man at the direct counter, who deceivingly looked like Santa, implied that my chances to get on the direct flight were slim to none, partly because he clearly found me irritating. Fair enough.

The equally-to-more irritated woman behind the counter for the non-direct flight called my name and proceeded to get more irritated as I hummed and hawed – do I take the long, indirect flight or, do I take my chances that there will be enough no-shows and go for the direct? Just as I was about to check myself into the Calgary flight, Marco is channeled by one of Howie Mandel's contestants.

He says, "no deal." No, wait, he says "NO DEAL!!!!!" If only he had a glass case to slam over her head; he would have been thrilled.

I am shocked, awed and surprised at my willingness to dutifully follow him as he leads me back to the other gate. I realize now that I probably resembled an obedient grrl out of some '50s movie that likely disturbed the counter womyn. I realized at the time however, that it was entirely possible that he was going to be singlehandedly responsible for making me miss another day of work and generally just throw a massive wrench in my day. It would have been the greatest "I told you so" of the year to date.

I'm simultaneously happy and defeated to say that his thrill seeking, risk-loving ways paid off. Sure enough, Santa called out a name, unbeknownst to him that this name would lead him to be stung with disappointment in seeing my chipper little face staring back at him… again. I think he really wanted me to learn my lesson, which I understand, because I really wanted Marco to learn his lesson.

But apparently, the only person to learn the lesson was me.


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Is there a support group that I can join – cause I think I’m officially a ‘Fresh Fish Daily’ junkie! That’s right! I said it! The first step is ‘admitting it’…at least that’s what my Sponsor told me!?

Lori…I can’t get enough! I check every day for a post, and I don’t just check once a day…I check numerous times a day – sometimes I start to shake in the afternoon if I haven’t had my fix. And although I’m sure that you had a wonderful time in Vancouver, I’m sorry to say that you will not be able to go anywhere from now on if it means that posts will be few and far between!

All that to say – keep up the good work Sista! I hope you’re comfortable with having a cult following??

FFD Junkie

Comment by Shane

As Obi Wan would say: “I sense a disturbance in the productivity of the public service” (Well, maybe I paraphrased a little, but you get the idea).

Like Shane-O, I find myself gaining great pleasure from the experiences and antics recounted on FFD, in part because I can picture the principle players so vividly and, more disturbingly, that I relate to them!

Comment by Mark

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