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Put the flip flops away and place your hands where I can see them
March 29, 2006, 2:20 pm
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OK, maybe I need to up my dosage of fish oil today, because I am still harbouring irritable feelings from yesterday. What is the cause of this, you might ask?

Well, remember a few posts ago when I recommended enjoying the nice weather while it lasts before people starting abusing it and letting warm weather justify scant amounts of clothing? I was right. I hope you enjoyed it, because the downward spiral has already begun.

Yesterday at lunch, on Sparks Street, there were women wearing seriously miniature skirts (like, when are those ever okay for an office?) and several more who had shamelessly busted out their flip flops and various strappy sandals.

Quite simply people, it's not that warm yet. Sure it's beautiful outside – but only beautiful in that you can finally leave the house and confidently leave your mits, hat and scarves behind. Not "lets go play beach volleyball" season yet. Hell, it's not even patio season yet (but probably will be by Saturday) and you know we love to rush that one!! 

So people, lets not take our cues from the likes of Cher and Joan Rivers and age/progress ungracefully (you were wondering where that was going, weren't you?). Put the flip flops away. Thank you for your cooperation.

By the way, please see Ben's comment (look to the left) to see the results of not only his research on the benefits of Omega-3s, but also his opinions as to the state of my mental health. Thanks Ben for your work and your faith!! Another recommendation – make friends with researchers because when you casually throw out a topic you're interested in, they can't help but produce a report within 24 hours… it's awesome.


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