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March 28, 2006, 2:27 pm
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And when I say "on fish", I mean it like a drug. Many of you have heard my raves about cod liver oil, but for those of you who haven't, listen up. Your sanity may depend on it.

A teaspoon ("t" :)) of that nasty, disgusting, wretch-inducing fish oil a day is well worth the pain. Not only is it filled with Omega-3's (which I admit, I should do a google search to find out exactly what the benefits are) but, more importantly, for immediate outcomes, it is a natural anti-depressant/mood elevator/stabilizer.

Case in point: I just got off the phone with my mamma who has informed me that she has basically hired a photographer (who now works at a pub), videographer (we didn't want a videographer) and cakemaker for my wedding – most of whom she met while walking her dog and without my or Marco's consent, or even knowledge.

Sans cod liver oil, I may have been brought to tears by this or at least vehemently asserted my self and what we want for "our" day. With the oil, however, I am willing to wing it (or at least keep her at bay for the moment) and moreover, I'm amused with the whole thing and am intrigued as to what the strange baker's ("what's your theme called?" "art deco" "yeah that!") three-tiered cake will look like. Oh yeah, and she found the florist who does very "creative" (read: frightening?) things with orchids.

I better get the rest of the people involved in the wedding some of the magical fish oil…


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Every morning I look forward to reading your great “stories”. In an attempt to help you in your research of the positive effects of disgusting fish oils, I’ve provide a short summary. Interesting results in one of the studies shows that increased tolerance of meddling mothers, mothers-in-law, brothers, sisters, freinds whatever… is not a result of the oil, but one of personal growth. It will be a perfect day!

In 1996 the American Heart Association released its Science Advisory, “Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Lipids and Coronary Heart Disease.” Since then important new findings have been reported about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular disease. These include evidence from randomized, controlled clinical trials. New information has emerged about how omega-3 fatty acids affect heart function (including antiarrhythmic effects), hemodynamics (cardiac mechanics) and arterial endothelial function. These findings are outlined in our November 2002 Scientific Statement, “Fish Consumption, Fish Oil, Omega-3 Fatty Acids and Cardiovascular Disease.”

The ways that omega-3 fatty acids reduce CVD risk are still being studied. However, research has shown that they:

decrease risk of arrhythmias, which can lead to sudden cardiac death
decrease triglyceride levels
decrease growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque
lower blood pressure (slightly)

Comment by Ben

I’m going to start asking for my french fries to made with cod liver oil…will that work?

Comment by D

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