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Spring is finally here!
March 27, 2006, 2:56 pm
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You can feel it in the air today, baby. The sun is shining and your face can be exposed without the feeling of it being smacked around by yo mama (nature). It's going to start going downhill again (to the other extreme), so enjoy it while it lasts everyone.

But you already know that. This is when Ottawatians subconciously join together in an explosion of jubilation and celebratory activity. Sure, there are no organized events to celebrate the fact that we made it through another, albeit fairly gentle, winter. But it's there… and here are some signs.

First sign: Yesterday, the canal was rammed. From 9 a.m. until early evening, runners, bikers, bladers, dogwalker and lovers (I suppose these aren't mutually exclusive) negotiated their ways past and between eachother on the suddenly tiny canal paths.

Second sign: I saw skin! People were actually in shorts and short sleeves as they participated in their quest to be America's Next Top Model…  or whatever. Soon enough, we're going to have the more unfortunate, excessive displays of skin. So people, be thankful that it's all tasteful now.

Third sign: And this is a big one – Marco spent almost an entire hour outside yesterday and didn't complain or give his "fake crying" face a single time.

Fourth sign: This one's a bit strange and it may have just been an awkward attempt for a stranger to make conversation in an elevator. I was coming back in from walking Wet Willy and the gentleman in the elevator noted that it's "so nice to see people walking animals at night again." I don't know if he just meant our 'hood (which is entirely possible) or if he knows of animals that don't need to go out in winter. If these animals exist, I want one. Anyone?


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oh Lori, if you think west of Bank street is the hood, wait until you come to visit me in Chi-town and see my ghetto!!! Think Vanier… maybe a bit worse..but its very diverse and kinda fun. I used to be scared to death to walk a few blocks south with all of the forward homeless men that whistle at you and try to call you sexy names… eeewwww!

Comment by Sarah

Come on… Chicago… scarier than Ottawa?!? I think I have to come and see it for myself!

Comment by freshfish

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