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First sign of the Apocalypse
March 23, 2006, 2:43 pm
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I think I agree with the dissenters of the last US Supreme Court decision, being John Roberts, Scalia and Clarence-frickin’-Thomas. I’m having trouble dealing with this realization but does my willingness to listen to the “other” side (albeit dark one) mean that I’m maturing?

Interesting case – one that you wonder how in God’s name it got all the way to that level. Police have the right to search a home when they have one resident’s permission, so long as the other(s) are not there and can’t therefore object.

The issue of this case is whether police have the right to search when one resident gives permission and the other one objects. The majority ruled that police do not have permission when faced with an objection by one of the residents.

This particular case revolved around searching for evidence (cocaine), however the obvious extension is to issues of domestic violence. The majority seemed to brush it off as an entirely separate matter while the dissenters (Chief Justice Robert’s first written dissent – I’m such a dork that I actually care about this crap), comprised of people that usually give me shivers, actually saw how this decision could impact police ability to investigate cases of domestic violence on the off-chance (yeah, right) that the abuser doesn’t want the police to come in and investigate.

Domestic violence does not benefit from any policy other than one of zero-tolerance. I find it incredibly hard to believe, therefore, that this decision won’t be used by less progressive police departments or officers to justify their inability or unwillingness to enter a violent home without the permission of the abuser.

On another note, my mom has indicated that I’m a moron (thanks Mom, for not saying so explicitly) and that, in fact, in writing out recipes the shorthand of tablespoon and teaspoon are very, very simple (see entry “my cookbook is not pants”). The big spoon is a ‘T’ and the little spoon is a ‘t’. No need for the Tbsp or Tsp. I can’t believe it took her 27 years to getting aroung to telling me that considering all the time we spend talking about cooking. In fact, a change in that direction would surely indicate the second sign of the big A…


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