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How to enjoy a hockey night in Ottawa
March 22, 2006, 2:38 pm
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Tip 1: Definitely go to Highlander Pub on Rideau for a burger because they’re amazing (and yes, they have veggie burgers).

Tip 2: Find out what time the last bus to the Corel Centre passes Rideau so as to avoid having to scarf your burger and fries/salad and remaining beer down in FOUR minutes.

Tip 3: Remember the tickets.

Tip 4: If you’ve forgotten the tickets, remember that you forgot them before you’ve gotten on the bus and preferrably with enough time to still make the last bus.

Tip 5: Upon breaking into your office after hours to retrieve forgotten tickets, know what the alarm code is so as to be able to stop it from screaming at you.

Tip 6: Be nice to the alarm company people when you finally get the right number and speak to a human being.

Tip 7: The 96 is the fastest alternative route to the Corel Centre and it’s best to get off at Kanata Town Centre.

Tip 8: There are TWO stops at KTC – one much closer to the taxi stand. Stay in hop-back-on distance of the door in the event that you get off at the wrong one.

Tip 9: Taxi from KTC to Corel Centre at 7:30 (after traffic has died down): $15 with tip.

Tip 10: Go to the Tim Hortons in the Corel Centre with 5 minutes left in the first, as opposed to first intermission. While the three people in line are irritating, it’s better than standing for 25 minutes starting 5 minutes later.

Tip 11: Take the last bus in the line home. It may get you there 5 minutes later, but actually being seated for the long ride home really dulls the pain of all the ridiculous conversations about “good fights” and apparent coaching and GM interviews that take place the ENTIRE ride.

Tip 12: Get a blackberry so that you can play Brickbreaker (or tell someone else how to play over their shoulder) on the way home to dull pain mentioned above.

Tip 13: Love Sydney Crosby or be a heartless lizard. Trust me on this one.


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Tip 7a: Timbits at the formerly named Corel Centre (now Socitiabank Place) are sold ONLY in randomly assorted boxes of 20.

Comment by Marco

Good point. Be prepared to feast.

Comment by freshfish

Sounds like a big trek. By the way abbreviations for cooking: tablespoon T teaspoon t

Comment by lynne

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