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Rational priorities and spending…
March 20, 2006, 6:05 pm
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… where no US (?) government has gone before.

We were watching a show on the building of the International Space Station on the weekend, which is a pretty cool project and gives one all sorts of warm fuzzy Star Trek feelings (well, if one’s susceptible to those, I suppose). Slipped in there, ever so delicately, is the fact that each space suit costs $12 MILLION DOLLARS!!! I’m not sure if this cost includes the scientists that they have working on the different components, including at least two who work on the gloves alone.

But an affordable-frickin’-housing program and accessible healthcare is too complicated for the US government.

$12 million dollars… makes my jeans feel like a bargain!



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you said it sister… I am afraid of anyone who has a cough, I can’t afford to be sick here. And where’s my space suit 😦

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