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The Cordon Bleu’s Signatures Restaurant
March 17, 2006, 2:42 pm
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Last night, we celebrated my love’s TWENTY EIGHTH birthday (thanks to a very generous engagement gift from the Lynch-Lecouffe clan) at Signature’s Restaurant which is the public arm of the Cordon Bleu in Ottawa. While I was excited to go, I was a bit apprehensive because I generally find French cuisine highly over-rated and very over-priced. Last year, we took a French cooking course with our dear ami(e)s Des and Catherine so that I could learn to appreciate this finer cuisine. It didn’t work. I ended up slacking the entire time and taking seconds of whatever was offered up at the end – not because I liked it, but because it was there. Well world, I’m now a convert. 

From the moment we walked in, we realized we weren’t at the Shawarma King anymore. Our coats were taken, I was referred to as Ms. Lori (make sure to roll the “r” in your head), we were escorted to the table where the Maitre ‘D pulled out my chair (at first I thought he was trying to make me fall, but then I realized he was being “civilized”), our server not only read the menu to us but turned our pages too (good thing – my arm was tired from carrying my purse), and the kicker… mini-tables for our bags! We couldn’t help but giggle over that last one.

I don’t know what I ordered, in fact I didn’t really know what I ordered when I ordered it, but it was off the Canadian menu and we splurged for the accompanying wines for each course as chosen by the sommelier. The food was (insert expletive of choice) amazing. Beautiful.

The amuse-bouche was delicious, albeit miniscule to the scale of the Zoolander library. I wanted to lick the bowl clean to get the remainder of my creamy green shellfish soup (oh, I know how dégolase that sounds, but seriously it was amazing). Marco had partridge (sans pear tree, sadly) followed by lamb, however he was still a bit hungy – portion, not quality – and threatened to go to McD’s on the way home. Luckily, I was able to distract him with more wine. Overall though, everything was just so perfectly matched with the veggies to the wine to the perfect cooking time and method.

I won’t lie to you. The final tab was ridiculously expensive and never would we have done it without the generous support of the L-L clan. But are we ever happy to have been able to enjoy such a gastronomic evening as that one.

The next time (first time?) someone with exorbinant amounts of wealth asks me where to eat in Ottawa, I now have a strong recommendation for them.




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