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Manners deficit continued: Lateness
March 16, 2006, 2:55 pm
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A common thread of discussion amongst myself and my timely friends is the irritation-inducing arrogance of people who are constantly late. Now I know that most laties (people who are always late) like to chalk it up to a quirky characteristic that ought to be deemed endearing, I would say that this honestly applies to about 2.2% of laties. The rest is another story…

My frustrations with laties emerged at a very young age, primarily because I was raised by and surrounded by laties. Cases in point: My mother, sister and brother. Brutal (but might be part of the 2.2%), formerly brutal but reformed after a heated intervention, and might apply to the 2.2%, respectively.

Since then, I’ve often been magnets, or magnetized, towards other laties who have almost all felt my wrath. The most problematic of these is my now-fiancé who was possibly the worst case I’d ever known, and definitely not part of the 2.2%! It took a couple of times of not waiting around for him and his precious time to get his butt in gear and now, at the very least, I see a look of fear on his face if he arrives somewhere late. And sometimes I get chocolate, so we’re good.

So really, what is the deal? Why is being late so cool? Sure, no one likes to be the first person at a party because it’s a little awkward. But this is why hosts give “starting times” so that no one will have this feeling. The irony is greatest when laties throw parties to which everyone arrives late and they feel the pain. But do they then see the call to change their behaviour? Hell no, then they’re just vengeful.

So this is my plea to laties: Please laties, find it in your heart to recognize that other peoples time is actually just as valuable as yours and to respect that. If you’re the biblical type, feel free to refer back to the “do unto others…” guide to life. Whatever way you need to convince yourselves, please please just get there on time!

Speaking of which, Marco – if you’re not at the restaurant by 6:35 latest, I’m giving your birthday present to someone else in the restaurant.



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Brilliant observation Lori. As always, I have few cents to throw in:

While time is an amorphous concept (the past is dead, the future doesn’t exist yet, and the present is impossible to quantify) human societies need (it) to organize their affairs and interactions. To “spend” it well, mass buy-in is absolutely essential. After all, whatever time is; it is limited. It would be interesting to have an accurate assessment of the typical amount of time people waste while waiting throughout their “life” “time”. Rarely when having the ‘time of my life’ is waiting involved. And let’s face it, having time for living is the only thing equal to everyone; ‘latties’ are robbing us of our life-time:)


Comment by Ryan

Thanks for the back-up Ryan. So eloquently stated (as usual) that if anyone should still try to disapprove of our plea, they’re clearly unreachable. For the record, Ryan is always early (sometimes ridiculously) so we get to hang out together as chronically early people… and that’s why I heart him so dearly!

Comment by freshfish

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