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Guest contributor: Society’s manners deficit
March 15, 2006, 2:02 pm
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Well, I’m way too swamped to think of and write anything original so I’m doing a “cut and paste” this morning of an angy email I received yesterday regarding the lack of manners we all so often see around us these days. In addition to this list developed by Yvonne, I would also like to add that no one holds doors open anymore (unless you’re a woman in a skirt) and that’s just so triste. 

Please enjoy Yvonne’s rant: 

1. When people are walking on a sidewalk that has been closed in (for construction purposes, for example), it is customary, when walking in a pair or group, to fall back to allow others walking toward you space to walk. It is poor manners to continue walking side by side so that the person walking toward you is forced to plaster themselves against the barricade (in a style reminiscent of shimmying along the ledge of a building) in order not to get run over. These good manners also extend to non-closed in sidewalks….a pair or group of people should never force an approaching pedestrian into oncoming traffic so that they can maintain their side-by-side position. 

2. When on a bus, it is customary to place your bag/purse/briefcase on you lap or between your feet. It is considered bad manners, especially on a crowded bus during rush hour, to place your belongings on an entire row of seating while lazily enjoying your paper in a lounging position. 

3. When in line at Tim Horton’s (or any other establishment) it is customary to stand in a line-up of customers to await service by said establishment. In order to join this line, the customer should take his/her place at the end of the line. It is considered bad manners to select a random spot in the middle of the line and “blend in” to the line, hoping to be unnoticed. It is also considered bad manners to “find a friend” in the middle of the line and simply join them in their wait for service. 

I have a million of these. I think our society is suffering from a serious manners deficit. 


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Hey Yvonne and Lori, I have a special note to add to item #1 and that is hand-holding couples who seem to think that the world will end if they are forced to stop holding hands for 2 seconds so that innocent single people can get by on the sidewalk and not have to walk through a giant Ottawa puddle. I am not against hand holding and have even been known to be quite a vocal supporter. But schmoopy couples on the sidewalk need to separate. End of story. Your happiness should not mean I have wet feet.

Comment by Melanie

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