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My favourite cookbook is not pants!
March 9, 2006, 2:24 pm
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I can’t believe I’m about to reveal the only source that has served me well in the kitchen, but quite frankly, I’m tired of writing out whole recipes and emailing them around everytime I make something new. If I could figure out the short cut for “tbsp” and “tsp” then it would be more appealing, but as it stands, it causes too much frustration to write them out. Yes, I have a low threshold for frustration. Welcome to the world of Lori. While visiting, please refrain from bugging me.

“Foods that don’t bite back” is a vegan cookbook that I got stuck with at a Secret Santa christmas exchange last year. After I laughed at it and the secret santa who brought it to the party, I somehow forgot to “recycle” it. And there it was, waiting for me when I needed a new chili recipe. Well, the chili was fantastic (and the book laughed back at me) and it incited me to try some of the other concoctions. The thai noodle salad worked out very well last night (although did not lead us to win… one point away… so close), but my favourite continues to be the spicy chickpea curry… and I don’t even like spicy. Or so I thought…

Anyway, turns out what’s so great about vegan/vegetarian cooking is that you never have to over cook the meat in fear of random bacteria that will lead you to a slow and painful death. Veggies never hurt anyone!

So, here it is, the secret revealed:

On another note, last night I was informed that the word “pants” is used in the UK to refer to something that is bad (as in, some of our shots last night). This is why those crazy limeys insist on using the antique word “trousers” (which makes me giggle). Oh yeah, pants also refers to tunders, which is just naughty.

Special thanks to my bball team and our fans (which numbered, I believe 8 for the entire season) for a wicked season! I’m already missing you guys but the memories will live on forever… seriously.


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Wait a second, I’m a vegetarian and I wear pants … So, in other words, you’re saying that I’m bad. Nice, very nice ….

Comment by Nellajo

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