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Warren Kinsella
March 8, 2006, 2:21 pm
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Did anyone hear the CBC interview this morning from the blogger who got sued by Warren Kinsella? WK now scares me. But I would like to say, unequivocally, that I think he’s a dandy guy… who evidently likes to go ballistic on people for relatively inconsequential things. What could be more inconsequential than this very blog? Just in case, I’d like to say that I think he’s … dandy (and apparently his punk rock expertise is very impressive, according to those who are in the know)!

New site recommendation from Sarah in Chicago. I first thought that she just liked it because of the phonetic resemblance to her hyperactive pug named Pugsley, but in fact, it appears to be more than that:

Tonight is Foul Language’s first and, let’s face it, likely last playoff game. But if we win, oh baby, we’ll see you all at the Oscars in a few years, once we sort out which production company we want to sell the rights to… I think Parker Posey should play me.


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Yeah, I heard the whole sorry thing this morning on the CBC! I refuse to comment for fear of prosecution!

Have you given any thought to dedicating a portion of your blog space to chronicling your 2006 National Capital Marathon Race Weekend preparation? I’m thinking photomontage, poignant quotations, and cheesy Glass Tiger music playing in the background (let the record show that I LOVE Glass Tiger – it think I just outted myself in cyber space – eeek)! Think about it…

Comment by Amy

I like it… we should discuss more over wine and potluck tonight!! Ancient Canadian saying: S/he who does not like Glass Tiger, does not live a full life.

Comment by freshfish

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