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At what cost?
March 7, 2006, 5:37 pm
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So I was walking back to work from the Congress Centre this morning and was forced to negotiate and pass a wide (say, entire sidewalk size) and slow gathering of teenagers clearly on some sort of class trip (geographic, but possibly chemical… not for me to determine).  Perhaps as a result of my Canadian “training”, otherwise known as “caker-ness”, my eyes are often cast downwards in submissiveness, coincidentally often at bum level.

Now that I’ve justified why I was looking at the behinds of teenage girls, I have to say that I was really taken aback at what I saw. Can someone please explain to me why 15/16 year old girls have $250 jeans… en masse!?!? Yes, I know that you all know that I have ridiculously expensive jeans, but I like to console myself with the knowledge that until the age of 25, I didn’t pay more than $60 for a pair of jeans and I actually earn the money to pay for them.

The occasional spoiled child, fine. She feels better than everyone else but at least everyone else has eachother. But when the majority of them are wearing these luxurious items, what happens to the girls who want to fit in (thank goodness not all of them do!) but who are burdened by reasonable parents?

I’m so glad I’m not in high school anymore. Then again, I finally have the jeans for it…

Read “Are our children overindulged?” for more on what the costs are to this craziness (my kids are going to HATE me!):  



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Why, do you ask, should teenage girls have $250.00 jeans?
Maybe you should do a quick inventory of your closet … Have you noticed any chip/scratch marks on your condo’s door jam of late? Has the pooch been trading your wardrobe for cookies? Stranger things have happened.

Comment by Nellajo

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