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Oscar, meet Jon. Jon, meet Oscar.
March 6, 2006, 2:22 pm
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Two of my great loves met last night, and it was magical. Sure JS was a little too angry and passive aggressive for the crowd, but that’s why I heart him. The speeches were all lame anyway so any discomfort he could provide was welcome. Note to award recipients – if you’re thanking your lawyer instead of your childhood friend, you’ve officially lost touch with reality and I dislike you.

I would like to thank the Academy for making itself respectable again. Luckily there was such a great choice of movies this year that it would have been hard for them to botch this one up. That being said, they could have allowed Brokeback to sweep it; Spielberg could have taken his token categories – but no, for the most part, the people who won actually deserved to win.

A few bones to pick, however (obviously): George Clooney for best supporting actor for Syriana. First problem is that I like GC but he was bad in this mediocre movie. In fact, he made the movie worse. While a directing win for GN&GL would not have been out of the realm of possibility any other year, this year there was just too much good competition. They had to give him something and you could tell by his speech that he knew it. Nevertheless, it should have been Paul Giamatti… for SIDEWAYS!

The other bone to pick is that strangely enough, I found myself totally rooting for Dolly Parton. That song Travellin’ Thru is beautiful eventhough she’s kind of freaky to look at. While I appreciate that the rappers shook things up and as JS said, appreciated it more than anyone else there, I was still sad to see her lose. Marco’s vote for best joke of the night: “I think it just got a little easier out here to be a pimp”.

Same thing with Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams. Yes, RW was excellent in Constant Gardener, but I challenge you to remember any of her scenes in that movie as clearly as you remember the ones MW gave in Brokeback. Her emotion killed me… plus I thought her dress was super-snazzy.

Anyway, yeah for Phillip Seymour Hoffman being recognized and yeah for Reese-baby winning for one of the best female roles in recent cinematic history. Yeah yeah yeah for Crash kicking bum and getting the respect it deserved. Marco has been rooting for that movie since we walked out of the theatre almost a year ago and keeping the faith when others had lost it, except for Oprah – so yeah for him too (now stop friggin’ rubbing it my face, dear!). Yeah for Queen Latifah for wearing a dress in the same fabric as my bridesmaid’s dresses.

And most of all, yeah for JS…  always… period.


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