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Oh what a night…
March 2, 2006, 5:05 pm
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Our last game of the season started off with a BANG.

Oh wait, that was just Mel’s window falling on my back (sweet bruise is developing – if it’s cool enough, I’ll post a pic of it).

At least we finally got Julia (and her chocolate sauce) in through the fire escape window and the feasting was officially underway. Serious grrl bonding over attractive older men that make us incapable of speaking intelligently (if only they could see the blog!??!), alternative uses for Outrageous shampoo bottles (thanks to Dr. Sharon Kim for her inadvertent teachings), and entertainment by the bearded female cat named Wesley. She’s so conflicted.

I think the Mel’s super-intendant had a good time too because I’m doubting that he gets a lot of calls on Wednesday nights (or any other night for that matter) to fix a front door for an entire grrls basketball team – and we had a pompom. There was some serious blushing when we all cheered for his success in releasing us from the apartment.

Highlight of the potluck: Moira’s un-frickin’-believable cake from Three Tarts. I can still taste it.

Highlight of the game: Moira’s steal, and her reaction to her steal.

 We have the best team ever. You ladies rock the kasbah.

(And while you can’t see it, be assured that Ms. Amy has a full bottle of red wine in her hand, on the court…)

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You’re all so much smaller than I imagined.

Comment by Nellajo

Oh sorry, I guess that’s because of the picture.

Comment by Nellajo

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