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Flag cleaning
February 28, 2006, 2:45 pm
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So I’m waiting for my dry cleaning yesterday at my fantastic dry cleaner (Brown’s at 245 Slater) when I noticed a very appropriate poster on the wall indicating that they had won a prize for customer service. They do have fantastic customer service.

Anyway, the poster went on to state what criteria the prize was based on, and as a performance measurement analyst, I was obviously intrigued. While my favourite one was “gender-neutral pricing”, the one that I found most fascinating was “no charge to clean Canadian flags”. Interesting that it was a Washington-based company that distributed the prizes. Makes me wonder if it’s free in the USA to clean Canadian flags too.

But I digress. This free flag cleaning expectation seems to me to fall into the same myth-range as the driver’s ed exam question that asks which has the right of way – the ambulance, fire truck, or post office delivery vehicle. As we all know, it’s the post office delivery truck because it’s the Queen’s representative, or whatever.

Anyway, all that to say, I’m thinking about buying a flag and bringing it around to different cleaners to see who will clean it for free and who won’t. Should I succeed in this mission, I will be sure to post a list of treasonous dry cleaners so you all can clean with a bit more patriotic peace of mind.


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Hey should I try to get a Canadian flag cleaned here in Chicago??? LOL

Comment by Sarah

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